One hour sessions at Studio Onyx

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Up until now and ever since I’ve started doing sessions at Studio Onyx in Taunton I’ve only been offering 2 hour sessions and I’ve done quite a few of these over the last 3 months but I’ve also turned down many more wanting only 1 hour. So after a lot of thought I’ve now decided to again offer single hour sessions at a cost of £100 as I still have to pay for two hours so I’m splitting the £40 costs with my clients but I do still require a deposit.

Part of the reason I’m doing this is not because I need the money but just because it looks like it’ll be well into 2017 before I find my own place again and I want to keep doing lots of sessions in the meantime even if it means making less than I was before as it’s not about the money like I said. Also some people can’t afford a 2 hour session but still want to see me so this should make it easier for these people.

If I don’t post again this year have a great Christmas

Mistress Nina

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