Face Sitting

Bristol Mistress Nina


Face Sitting Mistress Nina

Face Sitting Bristol Mistress

One of my favourite things is having a submissive tied to the bed and sitting full weight on their face. Sometimes with just a thong for you to worship my bum cheeks, sometimes with my full panties on which I may have been wearing for days for your pleasure and sometimes wearing panties I’ve wet. I also do face sitting in just tights and other clothing such as Lycra. latex or PVC.

I often do full sessions of just face sitting which means your face will have to take the full weight of my sexy bum for at least an hour and I’ll decide if I should let you have any air in this time.

Not all face sitting is done on the bed I may make you lay on the floor while I sit either forward. reverse or sideways on your face.

I also have a smotherbox which I might lock you in to face sit you and that means not being able to move your head while I relax on your face again making it hard for you to breathe.

Please note I don’t face sit naked and I do not allow slaves to give me oral while I sit on their faces.

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