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Although I do a lot of sessions rarely do I get anyone email me with a review of the their session with me but after a session last week I received this email so thought I’d share it

“Hello Mistress Nina,

I wanted to give you some feedback on the session yesterday; it’s been a little delayed by my being away since we met, sorry .

In short, I thought you were superb! You read me very well indeed and I really enjoyed the session. I loved the spankings, both otk and tied on the bench, and I loved all the bondage. When you tied me spreadeagled that was very intense, especially before you loosened the ties a little. The ‘pleasure and pain’ duo was extremely effective! It was good to try the breathing hood, which I’d never done before, and I’ll try to do better with it next time.

Thank you for a very memorable hour (I just wish I’d brought my camera and asked you to take some pics of me in my preficaments) and I hope you’ll be agreeable to me coming again sometime, hopefully for longer. As well as everything else I’d love to do some school play and maybe some forced sissification. Maybe be an errant schoolboy (I have a nice uniform with shorts of course) who, having been caught bullying girls, is punished by the Head Girl not only by spanking or strapping, but also by being put into schoolgirl uniform for a second dose together with any other painful humiliations that her fertile mind can come up with? Just an idea…

Anyway, thank you so much, I really enjoyed myself.”

It would be nice to get a few more so anyone thinking of doing a session with me this year it would be lovely if you took 5 minutes after at some point to email me a review of your session. If there was anything you didn’t like about your time with me I’d still like to know so I can improve for any further visits you might make.

For anyone in the past who’s seen me for bondage sessions I’m now concentrating more on rope bondage so if you fancy being put in a chair, bed or strict hogtie with rope why not get in touch and let me work my magic on you.

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