Just keeping all my subs and slaves updated

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Sorry but I’ve been very busy lately so unable to post here for my loyal followers.

When I get round to it I’ll also be updating my wish list here as there’s so many new toys I’d like to have so keep an eye out for that if you don’t know what to get me.

I’m still looking for willing subs to appear in some photos for the site if anyone’s interested send me an email or give me a call I don’t bite(much)

It wont be until November but I’m planning another visit to the BBB as need a few new things including a new whip as mine broke on a sub I was using it on. Of course he received an extra punishment for breaking it as I wasn’t at all happy. Anyone else going please come and say hi.

Not much more to tell you at the moment but keep looking in for updates

Mistress Nina


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