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I’ve been working from the same private venue for 5 years now seeing slaves and submissives Monday-Friday most weeks and often evenings and weekends too and I’m sure most have had a enjoyable if sometimes painfully experience at my lovely kinky cottage. Sadly after five years the owner of my cottage decided to sell up and this Wednesday I saw my last victim,sorry slave there and I have now moved out. and I’m now staying somewhere not suitable for sessions

This does not mean the end as I have big plans to buy an even better place in the not to distant future and make it something very special indeed. As of yet I’m not sure what area it’ll be in but I shouldn’t think I’ll be too far from Bristol or Bath. I’m sad about not having the cottage anymore but excited about my future plans so keep an eye on my blogs for regular updates.

In the mean time I’m taking a couple of weeks off to sort out my stuff an have a short break. So sorry to anyone wanting to see me in the next 2 weeks but from Monday the 19th I will be available from several dungeons in the area which I’ll be hiring once you’ve paid a deposit to cover the hire costs. Unlike before you will need to book at least a few days in advance so no more same day booking for now. Oh I’m also going to be available for out-calls if you have somewhere to session from as well

Here are links to the 3 venues I can hire for domme sessions and all have calender’s so you can check to see if the time you want is available before contacting me Taunton Bristol Weston-Super-Mare

Also if my expenses are covered I maybe willing to travel further afield for example I have in the past used this lovely fetish studio in the reading area
Or this fantastic dungeon near Birmingham

As I’ve said hiring dungeons is just a stop gap until I get my own place again so keep an eye on my blog for more updates

Mistress Nina

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