Happy Christmas

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It’s been a while since I posted here for my slaves and submissives but it’s been a very busy time of late for me so I always seem to put of writing anything to a day when I’m less busy that never seems t o come but finally today I’m actually quiet. So I thought I’d wish everyone who has come and seen me and anyone who is going to come and visit a very happy Christmas.

Sadly my father passed away last week so although available most of this week I’m taking some time off between Christmas and New year. However if you did want to see me then and are genuine or have seen me before it’s still worth contacting me as I’m not going far and if its a day I’m free I might feel like beating or tying up a slave or two.

If I don’t see you or anyone over Christmas I’m sure I’ll be raring to go come the new year. So have a good one but not too good I hope or I wont have any reason to punish you when you see me next x


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