Body Worship

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Sorry I’ve not blogged for ages but I’ve been really busy sorting things out after the sad passing of my dad over Christmas but things are getting back to normal and I have some big plans for this year so keep an eye on my blog for details of these changes when they happen.

The eagle eyed among you will have spotted I’ve made a couple of changes on my sessions page and now forced rimming as well as forced oral is only available in the longer sessions. I’ve also removed details on these services as I have to be honest and say I don’t enjoy forced oral as it’s too intimate and never forced. If I’m being asked for it it’s not forced. How can it be? I’m getting people just wanting this service also and if you’re thinking of just seeing me for this don’t even bother contacting me as you’ll be disappointing. Instead go visit a transsexual escort or guy into this. The only time I feel I genuinely force people to give me oral is after I’ve made them cum which I’ve done a number of times and it cuts out all the guys who ask for forced oral and it ends up feeling like their forcing themselves on me not the other way round!

So in future anyone who asked for forced oral will be made to cum first so I feel like it’s something you don’t want. If you want to just give me oral as part of body worship that’s different as you’ve not asked to be forced. Hope this makes sense

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