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It’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog but don’t despair I’m still doing sessions Monday-Friday and seeing new and old submissives regularly.

Yesterday I did two domme sessions with the lovely Miss Delight. One was with one of my regulars and the other with one of hers and both sessions went really well with both subs leaving happy. It was really nice to wake up today to a lovely thank you email from Miss Delights submissive. Followed by a testimonial. Now I’ve never really asked for testimonials before hence no page here for them but having received this one I’m thinking of adding a page for any I receive but until I have enough to do that I’ll post them here on my blog starting with this one about yesterdays session from Jim . Sadly we didn’t take any photos

“Had the most delicious, erotic, demanding session with the gorgeous Mistresses Deelight and Nina. Have sessioned with Miss Deelight before and she was as beautiful as ever and with a voice to die for. Never met Nina before but she was just fantastic, much prettier in the flesh than even on her photos and makes Billie Piper look ugly!
The session started with a mock handkerchief chloroform followed by a really tight hogtie and mouth stuffed full of hankies and tightly bandanna gagged over the top. Both mistresses know their bondage and how to really shut a man up. For the next hour they indulged my fetish for neckscarves, bandanna masks, kidnap, and effective hankie gags and really got inside my head. I was aroused for the whole session which passed ever too quickly. To indulge my fantasy further Miss Deelight overpower Nina, gagged her so effectively, and hog tied with silk scarves. She looked fantastic trussed up and gagged. Miss Deelight then finished me off with more erotic mind games and teasing. The make a fantastic duo and I cannot wait to return for more fun”

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