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Double Domme Photos with Mistress Meena

POSTED ON August 8th  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

As you already know I’m now doing sessions with the wonderfully Mistress Meena in Bristol and Taunton if booked in advance. You can find Mistress Meena’s site here

last week one lucky sub agreed to let photos be taken of the double domme session he had with us both and here are some of the photos from that 3hr session where he suffered lots of pleasure and pain at the hands of 2 amazing dommes.

So what you waiting for getting booking your double domme session now and this could be you!

Double Domme Sessions Available Again

POSTED ON February 22nd  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

Hi Subs and slaves

It’s been along time since I posted here but you’ll all be please to know I’m still doing regular sessions mainly at Ashton Studios in Bristol and also Studio Onyx in Taunton. I’m also offering evening sessions in a Bristol schoolroom but these are for CP lovers only.

My big news is though I again have a Mistress to do double domme sessions with at either Ashton or Onyx her name is Mistress Meena and sessions start at a very reasonable £200 for an hour. Which isn’t bad for two fantastic Mistresses. If you want to know more about here check out her site here then get in touch and book a session you wont forget.

Please Read Important Updates

POSTED ON July 23rd  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

Sorry to all my slaves and everyone wanting to be a slave or submissive of mine but not had chance to write here lately but I feel I now need to let you know about some changes and updates.

First off all I still haven’t been able to find a new home/venue yet but am still looking and still doing sessions daily. Most of my sessions are now Bristol based again and in the day I’m now available mainly from Asthton’s new studio which is just up the road from the old one in Kingswood. I still require deposits from new subs to book this and advance booking of a couple of days at least is advisable as either myself or the studio may already be booked. Evenings I’m available for mainly CP based session in a lovely private schoolroom also in Bristol. If you do want to see me in Taunton because of their now more limited availability you will need to book a least a week in advance and check their diary first which can be found here

I’ve also made other changes including my wish list which is now links to some of my favourite online stores that you can buy stuff from for me it you wish. I may go easier on you if you do but I’m not promising.

Also I’ve not offered enforced oral for some time but haven’t changed it on my site until now so it’s official. I did this originally but never liked it and found it too much of an intimate service. I always thought you’d never be this intimate with born female mistresses who charge more so why because I’m a TS who is just as good if not better at many other aspects of domination and looks better than most too should I let people be this intimate with me? I’m not desperate for the money either so I stopped offering it. Sorry if you want to suck cock just see a gay or TV escort not a dominatrix. On the flip site I do use strapons both for you to orally worship and to fuck you while tied down.

I also give hand or oral relief but only if you’ve pleased me at the end of a session.

One last thing my double domme sessions with Mistress delight haven’t been available for a while but I believe she’s now given up domme due to health issues and I’d like to wish her well in the future and I hope she gets back to full health.

Mistress Nina

Just An Update

POSTED ON June 14th  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

It’s been ages again since I’ve posted here but as I said in the previous post I am still taking bookings and currently available mainly from Ashton’s new studio’s in Bristol and Studio Onyx in Taunton. However for all those of you just into CP I am also doing sessions from a private schoolroom in Bristol and you can see me there most evenings if you wish to come and be punished by me. Although school role play works really well there it’s not essential. Sessions in the schoolroom start from on £80 an hour which is cheap than when I work out of hired venues from £100 an hour. If you’ve never seen me before you don’t know what you’re missing.

I’m still Available

POSTED ON September 29th  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

Sorry I’ve not posted here on my mistress blog at all this year and this might make some people think I’m not working anymore but I am and I’m still doing sessions from Oxyn Studios in Taunton and Ashton Studios in Bristol. I do still intend getting my own venue again but it has to be right so not rushing into anything. I’ve actually been using Ashton and Onyx over a year now and done some great sessions at both venues

It’s been quiet lately as getting very few new submissives but I’m keeping going mainly with my regulars so I thought you might be interested in seeing what I like to do with some of the subs who come to serve me instead of just putting up more stunning photos of myself for you to drool over with there permission of course

This could be you.






One hour sessions at Studio Onyx

POSTED ON December 1st  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

Up until now and ever since I’ve started doing sessions at Studio Onyx in Taunton I’ve only been offering 2 hour sessions and I’ve done quite a few of these over the last 3 months but I’ve also turned down many more wanting only 1 hour. So after a lot of thought I’ve now decided to again offer single hour sessions at a cost of £100 as I still have to pay for two hours so I’m splitting the £40 costs with my clients but I do still require a deposit.

Part of the reason I’m doing this is not because I need the money but just because it looks like it’ll be well into 2017 before I find my own place again and I want to keep doing lots of sessions in the meantime even if it means making less than I was before as it’s not about the money like I said. Also some people can’t afford a 2 hour session but still want to see me so this should make it easier for these people.

If I don’t post again this year have a great Christmas

Mistress Nina

Studio Onyx Taunton

POSTED ON September 23rd  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

After losing my venue and taking a short break I’ve this week started sessioning again and have had a couple of good sessions with subs at and this is for the time being my preferred venue as it’s close to where I’m now staying. It’s also very,well equipped and there’s always somewhere to park. Some day’s here I can see you on the day given at least couple hours notice but I do normally require a deposit to cover the venue hire costs at least. Anyway if you’re in the Somerset/Taunton area and have wanted to session with me get in touch.


POSTED ON September 2nd  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

I’ve been working from the same private venue for 5 years now seeing slaves and submissives Monday-Friday most weeks and often evenings and weekends too and I’m sure most have had a enjoyable if sometimes painfully experience at my lovely kinky cottage. Sadly after five years the owner of my cottage decided to sell up and this Wednesday I saw my last victim,sorry slave there and I have now moved out. and I’m now staying somewhere not suitable for sessions

This does not mean the end as I have big plans to buy an even better place in the not to distant future and make it something very special indeed. As of yet I’m not sure what area it’ll be in but I shouldn’t think I’ll be too far from Bristol or Bath. I’m sad about not having the cottage anymore but excited about my future plans so keep an eye on my blogs for regular updates.

In the mean time I’m taking a couple of weeks off to sort out my stuff an have a short break. So sorry to anyone wanting to see me in the next 2 weeks but from Monday the 19th I will be available from several dungeons in the area which I’ll be hiring once you’ve paid a deposit to cover the hire costs. Unlike before you will need to book at least a few days in advance so no more same day booking for now. Oh I’m also going to be available for out-calls if you have somewhere to session from as well

Here are links to the 3 venues I can hire for domme sessions and all have calender’s so you can check to see if the time you want is available before contacting me Taunton Bristol Weston-Super-Mare

Also if my expenses are covered I maybe willing to travel further afield for example I have in the past used this lovely fetish studio in the reading area
Or this fantastic dungeon near Birmingham

As I’ve said hiring dungeons is just a stop gap until I get my own place again so keep an eye on my blog for more updates

Mistress Nina

Body Worship

POSTED ON March 22nd  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

Sorry I’ve not blogged for ages but I’ve been really busy sorting things out after the sad passing of my dad over Christmas but things are getting back to normal and I have some big plans for this year so keep an eye on my blog for details of these changes when they happen.

The eagle eyed among you will have spotted I’ve made a couple of changes on my sessions page and now forced rimming as well as forced oral is only available in the longer sessions. I’ve also removed details on these services as I have to be honest and say I don’t enjoy forced oral as it’s too intimate and never forced. If I’m being asked for it it’s not forced. How can it be? I’m getting people just wanting this service also and if you’re thinking of just seeing me for this don’t even bother contacting me as you’ll be disappointing. Instead go visit a transsexual escort or guy into this. The only time I feel I genuinely force people to give me oral is after I’ve made them cum which I’ve done a number of times and it cuts out all the guys who ask for forced oral and it ends up feeling like their forcing themselves on me not the other way round!

So in future anyone who asked for forced oral will be made to cum first so I feel like it’s something you don’t want. If you want to just give me oral as part of body worship that’s different as you’ve not asked to be forced. Hope this makes sense

Nice review

POSTED ON January 20th  - POSTED IN Uncategorized

Although I do a lot of sessions rarely do I get anyone email me with a review of the their session with me but after a session last week I received this email so thought I’d share it

“Hello Mistress Nina,

I wanted to give you some feedback on the session yesterday; it’s been a little delayed by my being away since we met, sorry .

In short, I thought you were superb! You read me very well indeed and I really enjoyed the session. I loved the spankings, both otk and tied on the bench, and I loved all the bondage. When you tied me spreadeagled that was very intense, especially before you loosened the ties a little. The ‘pleasure and pain’ duo was extremely effective! It was good to try the breathing hood, which I’d never done before, and I’ll try to do better with it next time.

Thank you for a very memorable hour (I just wish I’d brought my camera and asked you to take some pics of me in my preficaments) and I hope you’ll be agreeable to me coming again sometime, hopefully for longer. As well as everything else I’d love to do some school play and maybe some forced sissification. Maybe be an errant schoolboy (I have a nice uniform with shorts of course) who, having been caught bullying girls, is punished by the Head Girl not only by spanking or strapping, but also by being put into schoolgirl uniform for a second dose together with any other painful humiliations that her fertile mind can come up with? Just an idea…

Anyway, thank you so much, I really enjoyed myself.”

It would be nice to get a few more so anyone thinking of doing a session with me this year it would be lovely if you took 5 minutes after at some point to email me a review of your session. If there was anything you didn’t like about your time with me I’d still like to know so I can improve for any further visits you might make.

For anyone in the past who’s seen me for bondage sessions I’m now concentrating more on rope bondage so if you fancy being put in a chair, bed or strict hogtie with rope why not get in touch and let me work my magic on you.

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